#1 Pilot
#2 Beers and Weirs
#3 Tricks and Treats
#4 Tests and Breasts
#5 I'm With the Band
#6 Carded and Discarded
#7 Girlfriends and Boyfriends
#8 We've Got Spirit
#9 The Diary
#10 Looks and Books
#11 The Garage Door
#12 Chokin' and Tokin'
#13 Smooching and Mooching
#14 The Little Things
#15 Discos and Dragons
#16 Kim Kelly is my Friend
#17 Noshing and Moshing
#18 Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers

#1 Pilot: Aired Saturday, September 25, 1999

In high school in the eighties, Sam, Bill and Neal take on a bully, but Sam misses the big fight. Sam gets to dance with a cheerleader. Lindsay tries to break out of her nerd-dom by hanging out with the school rebels. Lindsay tries to help out a retarded boy, but her good efforts backfire.

#2 Beers and Weirs: Aired Saturday, October 2, 1999

Lindsay and Sam's parents go out of town, and Lindsay, at Daniel's urging, decides to have a party. Sam and his friends switch the keg with non-alcoholic beer, so the guests only think they're getting drunk. Lindsay catches Daniel and Kim making out on her bed, and when she goes to Nick for comfort, he tries to take her bra off while hugging her. Depressed, Lindsay hides until Neal comes to comfort her and calls the cops on the party.

#3 Tricks and Treats: Aired Saturday, October 30, 1999

Sam decides to go trick-or-treating one last time before he and his friends get too old, but all he gets for his trouble is his candy stolen by bullies, and egged by his own sister. Lindsay promises her mother that she'll stay home with her and give out candy to the kids, but a last minute invitation from Nick has her ditching her mother and going out with the freaks to wreck havoc. She's just starting to get comfortable and have a good time when she realizes that she's egged her own brother and feels terrible and has to go home. Mrs. Weir is disappointed when Lindsay ditches her, and her Hallowe'en only gets worse when everyone throws out the cookies she made because they're not safe wrapped candy.

#4 Tests and Breasts: Aired Saturday, November 6, 1999

Lindsay helps Daniel cheat on a math test. Sam, Neal and Bill turn to a porno film to learn more about women.

#5 I'm With the Band: Aired Saturday, November 13, 1999

Lindsay prompts Nick to leave his band, but he discovers his musical talents aren't as good as he thinks. Sam copes with showering in gym class.

#6 Carded and Discarded: Aired Monday, January 10, 2000

Harold wants to force his kids to spend time with their parents, but his wife advises him to set them free, and hope that they'll come back on their own. Lindsay and the freaks go through a lot of effort and a lot money to get fake IDs to go see a cool band play, but it turns out that their guidance counselor is the lead singer of the band, and puts a damper on their good time. Sam and the geeks meet the new girl in school who just moved up from Florida. She's pretty and fun and enjoys hanging out with them, and they're scared to lose her to the popular crowd. It turns out that Daniel is eighteen - he got left back in school twice. Nick thinks he and Lindsay are dating, while Lindsay is not so sure.

#7 Girlfriends and Boyfriends: Aired Monday, January 17, 2000

Sam is jealous when Bill gets to Cindy's lab partner, so on the advice of his new lab partner, the smelly Gordon Crisp, he joins the year book committee to spend more time with Cindy. It works, and Cindy tells Bill that she thinks Sam is the nicest guy at school, but when Sam and Cindy go out on their first "date," Cindy tells Sam she finds him easy to talk to... like her sister, and tells him about her crush on a jock named Todd. Lindsay and Nick are now an official item, although Lindsay is not entirely comfortable with it, and everyone assumes that Nick is going to pressure her into having sex, until Lindsay starts to stress about it. Lindsay goes over to Nick's house to hang out one night when his parents are out of town, and expects the worst, but when Nick romantically and cheesily professes his love for her with a song, and tells her how he doesn't want to rush things and just wants to hold her, she realizes that she'd prefer to just make out with him than deal with his crazy professions of how they were meant for each other.

#8 We've Got Spirit: Aired Monday, January 24, 2000

The week of McKinley High's big basketball game against Lincoln High, the school mascot gets injured in a cafeteria pep rally, and Sam takes on the role to spend more time with cheerleader Cindy Sanders. When Cindy gets together with basketball star Todd, Sam is depressed, and gives his job to Neal, who really wanted in the first place. Neal is amusing, but pisses off head cheerlearder Vicki so much that he gets mobbed by the cheerleaders after the game. Lindsay is feeling stifled by Nick, and wants to dump him, but can't get up the nerve. She confides in her mother, and her mother lets her intentions slip to Nick thinking the deed has already been done. Nick tries to be brave and dump Lindsay first, but he ends up crying alone in his car after telling her they should take a break. Kim, Daniel and Ken get ambushed by some kids from Lincoln, take revenge by spray-painting their car, and end up getting in a fight, which ignites their heretofore non-existant school spirit at the basketball game.

#9 The Diary: Aired Monday, January 31, 2000

Lindsay and Kim's friendship is threatened by Lindsay's parents. Lindsay's parents read Lindsay's diary and don't like what they see about themselves. Bill convinces the coach to let the geeks run the softball teams.

#10 Looks and Books: Aired Monday, February 7, 2000

Lindsay dumps the freaks after they get her into trouble one too many times, and goes back to being a mathlete. Kim realizes she doesn't want to be a loser. Sam wants a new image.

#11 The Garage Door: Aired Monday, March 13, 2000

Sam discovers Neal's father fooling around with another woman. After Ken makes fun of the band geeks he falls for one when it turns out she can match him barb for barb. Lindsay helps set them up.

#12 Chokin' and Tokin': Aired Monday, March 20, 2000

Nick is getting stoned all day every day and starts to get desperate when he runs out of pot. Lindsey takes the opportunity to enjoy Nick sober, but when Nick gets some more pot he convinces Lindsey to join him in smoking it. Lindsey doesn't feel anything and they get in a fight over his addiction and her anti-drug attitude. He gives her his pot to prove he doesn't need it and she ends up trying it again on her own right before a baby-sitting job. She freaks out and Millie comes to her rescue. Mr. busts Daniel and Ken arguing over Daniel getting rid of his pot so Nick doesn't get it. He introduces the boys to one of his ex-students, a complete burn-out, to convince them that smoking pot is bad. Sam and Neal are desperately trying to break out of geek mode and get dates with cheerleaders. In class, Bill is listing his allergies and those of his friends to flirt with a pretty teacher. The class bully, Alan, thinks Bill is just bragging about the fact that peanuts will kill him and sneaks some into Bill's sandwich at lunch. When Bill ends up in the hospital in a coma, Allen admits that when he was a kid he wanted to hang out with Bill and his friends, and the concerned cheerleaders give comfort to Sam and Neal. Luckily, Bill recovers.

#13 Smooching and Mooching: Aired Saturday, July 8, 2000

When Nick's dad gives away his drums to try to get him to concentrate on his schoolwork, Nick leaves home and weasels his way into Linsday's household. Lindsay finds herself jealous of the bond that Nick and her parents seem to have formed. Nick eventually goes home when his father comes to get him. Cindy breaks up with Todd and admits to liking Sam. She and Sam attend a make-out party together, and Sam stresses about having to kiss her. She ends up being the agressor. Neal and Bill tag along to the party, and Neal has his strategy for spin-the-bottle all set, but it's Bill who ends up "in heaven" with the beautiful blonde Vicki.

#14 The Little Things: Aired Saturday, July 8, 2000

Sam realizes that although Cindy is beautiful, she's boring, shallow, and they have nothing in common. The clincher is that she hates the movie Sam takes her to, "The Jerk," which is one of Sam's favorites. He dumps her right before she announces Vice-President Bush who is coming to speak at the school. Mr. Rosso arranges for Lindsay to have the honor of asking Bush the first question during the Q & A, but the serious and controversial question she submits is rejected, and instead she is told to ask him where he likes to eat in Michigan. Meanwhile, her father is pressuring her to advertise his sporting goods store. She manages to not only make her father happy, but also make her friends and Mr. Rosso happy when she asks Bush why his staff rejected her question. Mr. Rosso isn't allowed to go to Bush's speech because of his protesting past, so he finds himself counseling an insecure secret service agent. Ken opens up to Amy about his childhood, so she tells him about how she was born with genitalia of both genders, and the doctors and her parents decided to make her a girl. Ken is freaked out, and wonders if his being attracted to Amy makes him gay. Meanwhile, Amy finds out that he told her secret to his friends and is offended. Ken finally comes to grips with his feelings for Amy, assures himself he isn't gay, and she accepts his apology.

#15 Discos and Dragons: Aired Saturday, July 8, 2000

School is about to let out for the summer. Lindsay is embarrassed when she is selected for a two week academic summit at the University of Michigan. When Mr. Rosso introduces Lindsay the wonders of the Grateful Dead and she meets a couple cool and friendly dead-heads in her class, she tells everyone she's going to the summit but she and Kim actually run off to follow the Dead. Daniel is assigned to work AV with the geeks as a punishment by Mr. Rosso. The geeks are no more excited to have Daniel there than Daniel is to be there, but it turns out that they actually get along and Daniel even has a fun time playing Dungeons and Dragons. Nick, now dating Sara, has started dancing disco and Ken is incredibly frustrated with him, thinking he's just dating Sara to make Lindsay jealous. Ken tries to stop Nick from being a big disco nerd, but instead Nick goes on to compete in a dance contest... in which he doesn't do particularly well. Nick and Lindsay talk about how he's happy with Sara and has cleaned up and stopped smoking pot.

#16 Kim Kelly is my Friend: Aired on Fox Family Channel

Sam is being tortured by a friend of Kim's named Karen who writes "geek" on his locker. Sam and Neal end up getting in a fight over who is a bigger geek. Lindsay is surprised when Kim invites her over to dinner, and then realizes that Kim is using her to make a good impression on her parents. The dinner ends up in screaming and fighting, and Kim and Lindsay driving quickly away in Kim's car. Kim goes to find Daniel for solace and busts him flirting heavily with Karen. Kim hides out at Lindsay's house where Lindsay's parents are reluctantly comforting. Daniel and Nick track Kim down at Lindsay's and Kim goes into Sam's room to hide from them. Sam tells her how Karen is torturing him, and Kim assures Sam that she'll be taking care of Karen tomorrow. Kim and Daniel finally make up while Nick gets away with as many fruit roll-ups as he can stuff in his pockets. Kim thanks Lindsay and her parents and tells Lindsay they should hang out again tomorrow. The Weirs are left very concerned about their daughter's new friends. Sam is pleased when Kim declares war on Karen the next day at school.

#17 Noshing and Moshing: Aired on Fox Family Channel

Neal is acting out at school and getting terrible grades while distracted by his father's infidelity. He takes up ventriloquism, which only gets him beat up more often at school. His older brother Barry comes home from college for the annual Schweiber party and sweeps Lindsay off her feet. Neal finally confides in his brother and then his mother, both of whom are already aware of Dr. Schweiber's transgressions. Lindsay gets detention for defending a fellow female classmate from a big bully. Daniel and Kim break up and Daniel takes a walk on the wild side while trying to romance a punk girl high school drop-out. Just before Daniel gets his nose pierced, he realizes how silly he's being and runs back to Kim.

#18 Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers: Aired on Fox Family Channel

Bill's mother (Claudia Christian) begins dating his gym teacher (Tom Wilson). After Lindsay and Kim accidentally kill Millie's dog, they invite the her into the cool clique and she flips as she tries life as a freak.