Quotes from Discos and Dragons

Sam: I hate when they do this. I mean, why do jocks think it's so funny?
Bill: They think clean-outs are funny, they think wedgies are funny, they think swirlies are funny.... Where do they find time to play sports?

Neal: Sam, he gave you a porno, I wouldn't exactly say you have a meaningful relationship with him.

Jean: Our daughter in the top one percent. Like my grandpa used to say, if I was wearing my vest, all the buttons would pop.

Neal: Oh, Bill, don't be a thief again. You always fall down a well trying to steal stuff.

Sara: I've had a crush on you since the sixth grade.
Nick: Really?
Sara: I always sat behind you even though you were so tall I couldn't see the board.

Gordon: Watch out for him. He's sneaky.
Bill: Yeah, yeah, he thinks being the dungeon master gives him a license to mess with our heads.
Harris: Oh, I'm sorry, perhaps I should let you encounter kittens and grandmas so as not to upset you.

Daniel: All right, fine, I'll be a dwarf, but my name is Carlos.
Bill: Carlos the dwarf?
Daniel: Yeah, you got a problem with that, Gorthon?

Bill: Does him wanting to play with us again mean that he's turning into a geek or we're turning into cool guys.
Sam: I don't know, but I'm gonna go for us being cool guys.
Neal: Yeah, I'll buy that.
Harris: Yeah, definitely cool guys.
Sam: Cool.

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