Quotes from Girlfriends and Boyfriends

"Man, Gordon reeks. You think he ever takes a shower?" -Neal
"Maybe he takes baths instead. My mom says they don't really get you clean." -Sam
"Yeah, you just sit in your own filth." -Bill

"How come you're not eating?" -Neal
"This tuna salad smells like Gordon." -Sam

"Last one to class is the first one on welfare." -hall monitor teacher

"Being lab partners is like getting stranded on a desert island. You never know what might happen." -Gordon

"Hey, man, I heard Kim got an A on her world civ test. That's great. Oh, no, that's right, that was MY girlfrined." -Nick
"Oh, that's really funny." -Daniel
"You know what though? Lindsay got detention for flipping off her gym teacher. Oh no, that's right, that was YOUR girlfriend. Oh ho ho..." -Nick
"I heard Kim punched you in the chest really hard. Oh, whoops, that was me." -Daniel
"That was really hard." -Nick

"I'm telling you, she's abnorml. Okay, she eats carrot sticks and she likes Miss Piggy." -Bill
"So what? The muppets are cool." -Sam
"The Swedish Chef is kinda cool, but Miss Piggy's lame." -Bill

"It's like if you're a cheerleader, you're supposed to be in a good mood all the time." -Cindy

"Sir, don't open that bait." -Harold

"He's just a friend." -Lindsay
"Nobody who's just a friend sends a single rose. I know all about a single rose. I sent one to your mother and I know when and why I sent it." -Harold

"It was the worst five dollars I've ever spent." -Harold

"I may be smelly but I'm not stupid." -Gordon

"You're so easy to talk to. You're just like my sister." -Cindy to Sam

"Mom and dad made me watch TV with them all night. They were weird." -Sam
"Yeah, what else is new?" -Lindsay

"I wish Cindy liked me." -Sam
"She likes you." -Lindsay
"Yeah, like a friend." -Sam
"Eww, that's the worst." -Lindsay
"I don't need another firned. I already have two. I mean how many more friends does a guy need?" -Sam

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