Season 1, Episode 17: Noshing and Moshing

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Aired: on the Fox Family Channel, so I'm not sure where it falls in the order of the season


Written by J. Elvis Weinstein
Directed by Jake Kasdan

Also starring Busy Philipps as Kim Kelly

Guest starring
Amy Aquino as Mrs. Schweiber
Dave (Gruber) Allen as Mr. Jeff Rosso
David Krumholtz as Barry Schweiber
Sam McMurray as Dr. Schweiber
Guest starring
Shawnee Free Jones as Jenna Zank
Bianca Kajlich as piercing girl
Steve Bannos as Mr. Kowchevski
Trace Beaulieu as Mr. Lacovara
Ron Lester as Seidleman
Joel Madison as Mr. Botwinick
Joanna Canton as cheerleader
John Apicella as Dr. Melvin Latz
Andy MacKenzie as big punk
Sid Garza-Hillman as freshly pierced boy
Rowan Shifrin as mohawk guy
Brandon Peterson as punk

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